VorTek Instruments

Established in 1995, VorTek Instruments is a leading manufacturer of precision multivariable flowmeters for the measurement of liquid, gas, steam, and energy. Leveraging technology innovations, we strive to offer our customers reliable and economical flow metering solutions.

The company’s founder has over 25 years knowledge and experience in flowmeter design and serves on the subcommittee for ASME MFC-6M (Measurement of Fluid Flow in Pipes Using Vortex Flow Meters). VorTek Instrument’s design and production engineers have more than 100 years of combined experience in the flow measurement industry. With worldwide representation, VorTek offers personalized service and support that ensures you receive the best flowmeter for your application.

All VorTek flowmeters are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Longmont, Colorado where skilled application engineers are available by phone or email to answer questions and provide timely technical assistance. We are committed to supporting the products we manufacturer and the customers we serve.

VorTek Instruments prides itself on the high quality of its vast offering of flowmeters and performs an extensive series of functional tests, calibrations, and quality checks prior to shipment.
Whether determining the best flow monitoring solution for a specific application, providing general product information or offering order assistance, VorTek Instruments customer service is second to none!

VorTek Instruments maintains stringent USA quality standards focusing on performance. We offer competitive pricing and quantity discounts.

VorTek Instruments prides itself in getting product shipped quickly with fast, flexible delivery.

• Boiler Feed Water
• Industrial Gases
• Chilled Water
• Natural Gas
• Carbon Dioxide
• Nitrogen
• Compressed Air
• Saturated Steam
• Condensate
• Superheated Steam
• Steam
• Heat Transfer Oil
• Hot Water
• Cryogenic Liquids

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