Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Sarasota liquid density meters accurately measure density or density related variables. These online continuous meters provide key information for process monitoring and control, quality control, product interface detection, and custody transfer applications to minimize product waste and reduce costs.

Thermo Scientific gas density meters are engineered to reliably measure density or density related variables within the oil and gas, petrochemical and power industries. Offering near real-time control signal availability and a low cost of ownership compared to chromatographs and other alternative measurement methods, the meters Thermo Scientific ensure plant efficiency and vitality.

Users of Thermo Scientific density meters or specific gravity analyzers are offered the choice of a HART® compatible, field-mounted density converter or a control room based unit, ensuring an optimum data processing solution. Both instruments provide high integrity calculations of density and density related variables which are critical for effective custody transfer and process optimization.

Thermo Scientific AutoSERIES flow computers provide reliable data with connectivity and automation functionality. With the flow computers enabling precise hydrocarbon measurements at critical points, output can be increased, and production/processing costs reduced. The flow computers offer fast AGA calculations for rapid, accurate data capture. Ease of configuration and connectivity allows users to access download data to a memory stick or PC. Integration into corporate networks also allows data access for office-based staff.

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