Sensor Networks Inc.

When it comes to complex asset integrity, there are obstacles and challenges that you will face along the way. Where there are problems, innovative solutions should be created to fix them. With that basic mission in mind, Sensor Networks, Inc. was born.

With an unparalleled depth of experience and expertise in the highly specialized fields of ultrasonic and remote visual technologies, the Sensor Networks team brings together the very best minds and industry experts in the business to deliver smarter solutions with a refreshingly personalized approach for the world’s critical asset management applications. Collectively, the experience of our team spans decades, lenses, creations, and knowledge. Developing breakthrough innovations that transform and integrate the definitions of cost-effective, precision and ease-of-use, Sensor Networks addresses unique industrial challenges including: remote non-intrusive corrosion monitoring of plant piping, vessels and other components in refineries as well as experience-based UT applications engineering, standard and customized transducers and remote visual tooling for demanding in-situ test and inspection applications in aerospace and power generation.

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