June 29, 2016: Several new features and capabilities have been added to SNI’s ultrasonic test & monitoring platform:

smartPIMS™ Cellular:

SNI now provides cellular smartPIMS with a 3G – 4G / LTE cell radio which expands global coverage with much higher data-transfer speeds resulting in extended battery life. smartPIMS has also received its Hazardous Locations Class I, Division 2, Groups A – D, certification for all temperature ranges up to 932° F (500° C) continuous duty. smartPIMS can support up to 16 single-element or 8
dual-element transducers which can measure down to 0.040” (1.00 mm) on highly-pitted surfaces.


Linear or area-array coverage is now possible with up to 32 elements and can be custom made to suit your application including matPIMS length, width and sensor density. matPIMS are RS-485 controlled and can be daisy-chained up to 32 matPIMS providing a maximum of 1,024 TMLs on one 1,000’ (320 m) long multi-drop cable. Sensor systems can be hard-wired into a control room via
MODBUS or energized periodically from a tablet PC.


This cloud-based web portal has been enhanced to offer wall-thickness measurement statistical trending tools to better characterize and remove measurement noise, reaching a corrosion-rate measurement precision in the range of 1 MPY. This becomes valuable and possible due to the system’s inherent capability for more frequent measurements, for instance once-per-week,
once-per-day, or even more often.


SNI is pleased to announce that 5 new employees have been added to the core team in Boalsburg, PA to expand our capabilities in the area of custom ultrasonic transducer design and tooling fabrication for demanding apps in Aerospace, Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Automotive inspections.

Please welcome (L to R): Bob Shaffer, Tom Jenkins, Jim Shimp, Guy Roszel and Jeremy Cirota to the Sensor Networks team as of June 27th, 2016. They can each be reached at “last name” @installedsensors.com or by calling: 814-466-7207

For more information or to discuss your application, please contact us:
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Steve Strachan: 1-281-723-3178
[email protected]
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