Kurz has long recognized the increasing critical importance that high-quality flow instrumentation provides for improving facility operations and efficiencies. Over the years Kurz has added the capabilities for User Selection of Line Size, Flow Rate Definition, and Velocity-
Dependent Correction Factor Programming to provide the most site-flexible, precise thermal mass flow meters available.
In response to customer requests for a single instrument that is capable of measuring different gas flows, Kurz announces enhanced capability to support Multiple Gas Calibrations for its B-Series flow meters. This feature allows for measuring and controlling different gases at different phases of a process (such as a product gas followed by a purge gas), using the flow meter in
several applications, or using the flow meter as a spare for a number of processes.

This new enhancement allows customers to predefine up to 5 different calibrations (five individual gases or mixed gas compositions) per instrument that are managed via manual or automatic adjustment. After configuration, the flow meter has the ability to accept field
adjustments either manually (through the keypad, Modbus, or USB connections) or automatically by providing a linear (4-20 mA) external signal to the instrument.

  • Up to 5 predetermined gas curves
  • Each curve labeled with individual gas name and appropriate gas density
  • Manual or automatic gas curve selection
  • Supports multiple phases of any process
  • Provides “common” spare for facility
  • Allows multiple purposes (short –term and long-term use) on a single instrument

The Multiple Gas Calibrations feature is available through Option 17. However, Option 17 has
dual-purpose functionality that is configured per user specifications — either for Shifting Gas
Concentrations or for Multiple Gas Calibrations. The two functionalities are mutually exclusive, and
the specified functionality cannot be changed.