Procon Systems

CP-55 Constant Pressure Cylinders

The Welker CP-55EM transportable constant pressure cylinder is designed to hold an exact representative sample from the pipeline flowing conditions, and in the same state,
excluding temperature. A sealed piston is utilized in a honed cylinder with a precharge gas on one side that is 10 - 20 psi (.7 - 1.4 Bar) above pipeline pressure. This precharge keeps a constant pressure on the product being sampled into the product side of the cylinder, thus keeping it in exactly the same state of condition as it is in the pipeline. The cylinder’s physical size and weight make it easily transportable in any situation.


Please be advised this product has been replaced by the CP-2 found here.

Features & Benefits

  • Constant pressure design holds product in exact same representative state as in the pipeline
  • Equipped with ellipsoid gravity mixer
  • All 316 stainless steel construction of pressure retaining components with aluminum piston to facilitate handling
  • Working pressure rating 2160 psi (149 Bar)
  • Volume indication by a hand-held magnetic locator.



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