Procon Systems

DP-1 Diffusing Probe

The DP-1 diffusing probe solves one of the most plaguing issues with odorization of NG when using injection pumps.  Between pump injection pulses (cycles), odorant concentrations can vary substantially.  The patented diffusing technique incorporated into the DP-1 distributes the odorant in a much more uniform manner, resulting in a more stable odorant levels thereby reducing odorant consumption.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to rapidly disperse odorant with a limited retention for continuous odorant
    vaporization between injections
  • Diffuses odorant over length of probe
  • Stops wasting odorant
  • Works with small or large volume injectors
  • 900 ANSI working pressure
  • Full and rapid dispersement of odorant



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