Procon Systems

AITP Automatic Insertion Temperature Probe

The Welker Automatic Insertion Temperature Probe (AITP) is designed to meet the requirements of obtaining accurate inline temperature measurements where either shutdown for installation is not an option (or cost effective option) or when pigging operations require periodic removal/retraction of these probes.  Prior to pigging, the unit can be quickly withdrawn without pipeline operation interruption. After pigging, the temeprature probe is easy reintroduced to the flowing stream under full flowing conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Install accurate temperature measurement without shutdown (valve available)
  • Allows for easy withdrawl for pigging without operations shutdown
  • 316 Stainless Steel, Viton, PTFE
  • 1440 psi (99.3 Bar) - max. pressure
  • From -40º to 200ºF (4 to 93ºC)
  • 1” NPT - process connection standad, other available
  • 18” travel standard, other available



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