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Heated Regulator

The Welker heated regulator heats gases and liquids more effectively than standard heated regulators thanks to a unique convection-by-conduction design and a removable heat inducer.


This design, coupled with one of the most well-known and reliable stainless steel regulators in the market, prevents gas condensation caused by temperature loss from large pressure drops. The heated regulator also has the ability to raise the temperature of passing gas and vaporize incoming liquids.


In the convection-by-conduction design, the heated regulator body is made up of a heating chamber that includes a heat tube and a removable heat inducer. An electrical current from a heating element heats the tube as well as the heat inducer. As gas or liquid enters the chamber, it comes in contact with the heated surfaces and REMAINS in the heated flow path for an extended period of time. Because of the large surface area of the heat inducer, the gas or liquid retains it's heat as it passes through the chamber.


With other heated regulators, the gas only passes BY the heat source and either is not heated long enough to prevent condensation or quickly loses any heat it has gained. The Welker heated regulator makes certain that the gas will maintain it's phase as it enters analytical instrumentation systems, ensuring an accurate sample.


The removable heat inducer offers unmatched flexibility with various shapes and designs for a variety of fluids. It allows for easy cleaning of dirty surfaces that can reduce the heat transfer rate. Made from hard anodized aluminum, it can stand up to applications where corrosion is a factor.

Features & Benefits

  • Available as basic regulator, probe or automatic insertion
  • Maximum surface contact keeps sample in gas phase
  • 2160 psig standard W.P.
  • 0 to 1,000 psig standard output
  • NPT and flanged versions available
  • 120 VAC, 150 W
  • CSA C I, Div 1, C,D



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