Procon Systems

ALS/LE-2 Automatic Liquid Shutoff/Liquid Eliminator

Analyzer Liquid Shutoff (ALS) prevents liquid of any kind from entering your gas chromatograph, keeping the analyzer columns safe from damage and saving you expensive repairs or column replacement. The ALS installs quickly and easily to both field and laboratory gas chromatographs and features a see-through sight window for instant visual confirmation of flow status. TheALS is equipped with a shut-off ball that floats on the free liquid and moves up to shut off the flow of liquid slugs that will flood the analyzer. The ALS should be used on chromatographs, portable and permanently mounted, calorimeters, moisture analyzers and stack sampling systems. The ALS is another designed to improve your company’s profitability.


The Welker Liquid Eliminator (LE-2) is designed to protect analyzers from damage and contamination by removing liquids and particulates in gas samples. The gas sample enters the housing and flows through the liquid eliminator, effectively eliminating any free liquids from entering the analyzer columns. The LE-2 is mounted horizontally, causing the liquid droplets or slugs to separate from the gas sample stream and drain out through the bottom valve. The replaceable liquid eliminator filter is supported by a stainless steel retaining screen that allows the filter to be back purged without damage to the liquid eliminator. The Welker Liquid Eliminator is available in Stainless Steel (w.p. 1440psi).

Features & Benefits

  • Prevents liquids from getting into your sensitive analytical equipment
  • Saves maintenance and repair costs
  • Prevents associated loss of measurement/downtime



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