Procon Systems

LSM-10 Crude Oil Sampler

The Welker LSM-10 Crude Oil Samplers allow for a TRUE isokinetic sample to be extracted from a properly conditioned pipeline, yielding the most accurate, repeatable and reliable results in the industry.  The sample capture takes place at the head of the sample, positioned in the middle third of the pipeline (flowing third).  This style of sampler has the additional benefit of being able to be inserted into and retracted from the pipeline under full flowing conditions (without having to depressurize the line).

Features & Benefits

  • True isokinetic sample capture at point of sample grab (at head)
  • Delivers full and repeatable sample under fluctuating pipeline pressures, fluid densities and viscosities
  • Fully meets ISO 3171 and API Chapter 8, Section 2
  • Allows for insertion and retraction from a pressured pipeline without external sources:
    • up to 100 psig for model LSM-10F
    • up to 2,160 psig for model LSM-10F-AID
  • 0 - 10 CC EXTERNALLY adjustable shot size
  • 100% Nitrogen purge available for fast and accurate switching between batches
  • Works with constant pressure or atmospheric collection systems



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