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Welker Engineering Company

Welker has come to be recognized as a world leader in quality and innovative equipment for the oil and natural gas industry. Welker has set the standard in the sampling industry for more than 50 years.

As our 72 patents demonstrate, Welker has been established as an industrious business, continually engineering new designs and successfully improving traditional designs that meet our high standards. Welker products, from sampling systems to control valves, filtration equipment, instrumentation, chemical injection systems and corrosion monitoring equipment, are unique in the industry in that they are customized for each specific application. The defining trait of Welker is that we take the time to determine the customer’s exact needs and create a product to fulfill those requirements.

Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas, Welker is one of few family-owned companies in our sector of the oil and gas industry, offering customers flexibility that larger companies cannot match. With representatives in more than 50 countries, Welker’s broad representation helps ensure that customers receive support that is both exceptional and accessible. While the majority of our customers are within the oil and gas industry, Welker engineers products for the environmental and medical fields as well as cement and waste water recovery.

At Welker, our priority is to focus on the service and attention we provide to each customer and the quality and innovation of the products we manufacture in fulfilling the complex needs of our industry.




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