Procon Systems

Pro-V Inline Vortex Flowmeter

     VorTek Instruments' Pro-V Flowmeters utilize three primary sensing elements - a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor and a solid state pressure transducer to measure the mass flow rate of gases, liquids and steam.

     Systems that use external process measurements to calculate mass flow may not provide adequate compensation as process conditions can change radically between the point of velocity measurement and the point where upstream or downstream pressure and temperature measurements are being made. Due to the fact the Pro-V multivariable flowmeter measures all of these parameters in a single location; it delivers a more accurate process measurement. As well, integrating multivariable output capability with a single line penetrationsimplifies system complexity and helps reduce initial equipment cost, installation cost and maintenance costs.


Product Seletction Table


  Best Fit  Vel.   Vol.  Mass Temp Press  BTU 
M22-V Liquids        
M22-VT Steam    
M22-VTP Gases  
M22-VT-EM Energy  
M223-VTP-EM Energy


Features & Benefits

  • Volumetric or mass flow monitoring of most liquids, gases and steam
  • Energy Monitoring - ability to compute and output energy use
  • Easy to install and commission
  • Reliable; no moving parts, no fluid to sensor contact
  • High accuracy with rangeability up to 100:1
  • Temperature up to 750 degrees F/ 398 degrees C
  • Pressure up to 1500 psig
  • Field configureable ranges, outputs and displays
  • 4-20mA loop-powered Mass Meter design saves on energy costs
  • HART protocol communications Standard
  • Modbus, BACnet communications available



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