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Vortex Flowmeters

Vortex flowmeters measure flows of liquid, gas and steam by detecting the frequency at which vortices are alternatively shed from a bluff body. According to proven laws and physics, the frequency at which the vortices are shed is directly proportional to the flow velocity.

As flow passes a bluff body in the flow stream vortex meter, the vortices create low and high pressure zones behind the bluff body, or shedder bar. Our vortex flow meters are designed with a piezoelectric crystal sensor to detect the pressure exerted by the vortices on the velocity sensor. The sensor converts these “pulses” into electrical signals which are then converted to a frequency by the meter`s electronics allowing the volumetric flowmeters to calculate the volumetric flow rate to be determined. Additionally, each vortex flowmeter we design features an all welded sensor design which creates a robust sensor and to minimize potential leaks.

With the addition of the optional integrated temperature and pressure sensors, the flow meter can then calculate and output the mass flow rate as well as volumetric flow, temperature, pressure, and density.

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