Procon Systems


The UIM 4F has four paths as standard. It has been tested to meet the international standards for custody transfer metering including AGA-9 and OIMLR137 (class 0.5). Integration of the flow across the paths provides accurate measurement even with varying flow profiles caused by changes in flow velocity, gas composition and pressure or upstream pipe configuration.

Features & Benefits

  • Broadband continuous wave transit time
  • Up to 153 bar (2250psi)
  • Ambient temperature -40 to 60C (-40 to 140F)
  • Process tempterature -30 to 80C (-22 to 176F)
  • 0.1% Repeatability
  • MODBUS (RS485 and USB)
  • CSA Class I, Div. I Group A,B,C,D



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