Procon Systems


Intelligently and reliably provide measurement and operational control of widely used LACT skids with the Thermo Scientific™ AutoLACT Flow Controller. Designed on the proven technology of the Thermo Scientific™ AutoPILOT PRO which has been accurately transferring product from production site to truck, pipeline or storage tank. The Thermo Scientific AutoPILOT PRO Flow Computers are worry free, low maintenance controllers built to endure the most extreme environmental conditions with minimal downtime. All boards are engineered and tested to withstand lightning strikes and temperature differentials, ensuring reliable communication of valuable flow data from remote, unmanned locations.

Features & Benefits

  • HMI touch screen for easy user interface
  • Onsite run ticket printing along with ticketing archive
  • Bilingual driver interface
  • All in one flow computer, printer and touchscreen makes installation easy
  • API Compliant
  • SCADA Compatible



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