Procon Systems

smartPIMS remote wall-thickness monitor

smartPIMS is a family of ultrasonic thickness monitoring solutions which cover a very wide range of energy-sector, asset-integrity applications. The product is offered in 3 different Models:

  1. Cellular Communications Link
  2. Modbus with a manual data-logging tablet PC
  3. Modbus / RS-485 system which can be hard-wired directly into your control room for real-time data feeds

In all cases, smartPIMS can very accurately measure and trend remaining wall thickness at numerous TMLs (thickness measurement locations) using either dual-element or single-element, high-temperature, delay-line transducers. The high-temperature version includes both temperature-sensing capability coupled with acoustic-velocity compensation software. The system can measure as thin 0.040” (1.0 mm) with 0.001” (.025 mm) resolution and can be moved around to different assets within a plant.

Customer benefits include increased productivity and worker safety, improved accuracy with significantly enhanced data quality & integrity.

Features & Benefits

  • Non-intrusive and attaches to the pipe or vessel-wall O.D. thereby avoiding broaching the system’s pressure boundary.
  • Absolute in its ability to directly measure remaining wall thickness. Ultrasound measures the asset – it is not a proxy for thickness or metal loss.
  • Extremely accurate and can resolve metal losses down to 0.0001” (0.0025 mm)
  • Rugged and reliable with very long life. Removes human-error factors.
  • Cost effective & versatile for low, medium & high-temp environments. Can be buried and placed under insulation and in tight areas
  • Capable of monitoring metal degradation mechanisms including corrosion, erosion and crack propagation



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