Procon Systems

System 9000TS Sequence of Events Recorder

The 9000TS Sequential Event Recorder leads the way with the latest technically advanced 1ms event capture and optional alarm annunciation and alarm management. Up to 4000 channels can be monitored and up to 1500 events stored on the distributed non-volatile memory.


The 9000TS is built on a rugged hardware platform suitable for the most severe of industrial environments found in the power and process industries. This unit will provide true time-stamping of event occurrence to a resolution of 1ms. Using the synchronisation input this time can also be related to real time.


Combined with the integrated alarm annunciator features it is possible to build a system that will capture, record and display events and alarms both for immediate action on the plant and for later analysis to find the prime cause of the failure.


The 9000TS is fully programmable using the Windows Configuration tool supplied and is equipped with serial communication ports for connection to remote systems and to Alarm Management Software

The system is sold with various different display and output options to suit the particular system and application.

Features & Benefits

  • Expandable up to 4000 inputs
  • 1ms time-stamping of events across a the system
  • Up to 15,000 events stored locally on distributed non-volatile memory
  • Auto-shelving facility to avoid nuisance alarms
  • Can be supplied integrated into 19” rack systems or floor standing cabinets



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