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Series 725B Combined Alarm Annunciator/Event Recorder

RTK Instruments latest, most innovative and advanced Alarm Annunciator is based on their field-proven Series 725 Annunciator with enhanced design features plus event recording and communication options.

The 725B offers a complete alarm monitoring system and represents the best investment in protection for your industrial plant.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-redundant design so there is no single point of failure
  • Modular construction – units can be assembled in almost any shape and size from 1 to 256 channels with a choice of three window sizes and six colours
  • Interchangeable, ultra-bright white LED illumination
  • 1ms Event Recording functionality up to 256 points can be supplied
  • Fully configurable for each individual point using a standard USB connection to PC or laptop
  • Integral power supply, optional universal supply for direct connection to 85-264VAC or 88-360VDC
  • Comprehensive diagnostics, warning LEDs and common relays are used to provide indication of any problems with the alarm system
  • Flexible relays, up to 32 output relays can be used and configured as group relays, audible relays or diagnostic relays
  • Each system is supplied with 6 pushbuttons and dual audibles to cover almost all alarm applications

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      Series 725B Powerpoint Presentation

      2011-05-06 Series 725B PowerPoint

      Powerpoint presentation of the RTK Series 725B combined Alarm Annunciator and Event Recorder



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