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After 30 years of successful development, RTK Instruments is firmly established as the leading specialist in the design and manufacture of process alarm equipment, displays and interface products. Our products are used in all environments, including all hazardous areas, and across all process and utility sectors. RTK supplies alarm systems and associated instrumentation from a single sounder to a complete plant-wide alarm and monitoring system.


From our facilities in the UK we design and manufacture the complete range of products and together with our partners around the world we provide sales and technical support as it's needed and where it's needed.

In the safety business, reliability is everything, and RTK Instruments cast-iron Five Year Warranty on all its standard products shows how confident we are in both our designs and our ability to build the products to quality standards.


And the technology itself is even more impressive. Products such as the 725B Programmable Alarm Annunciator are the most innovative on the market today - anywhere in the world. The LN1000 Intrinsically Safe Alarm Annunciator and the SIL725 Annunciator - certified to IEC61508 are totally unique products - worldwide - helping to keep operators and the environment safe and process plants running smoothly.

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