Procon Systems

SM2000 Series Calibration Station

The SM-2000 single module calibration station for the GX-2009, GX-2003, and GX-2001 portable gas monitors is a stand alone station that can calibrate, bump test, charge, and archive data without the need of a computer to operate. The module has 4 operating modes, which include bump test only, % volume methane bump/calibration (for the GX-2003), calibration only, and bump with automatic calibration (if the bump test fails). The SM-2000 modules are capable of storing up to 200 bump test or calibration records. To download the data each module includes a 64 MB USB flash drive. Also included is a software package to import the data from the USB drive and manage records by serial #, user ID, or station ID. Each module has user adjustable test times and tolerances to meet specific testing requirements. The charger within the module quick charges battery packs within 90 minutes and will recognize alkaline batteries. The Calibration Station power requirements are 115/230 VAC, 50/60Hz.

Features & Benefits

  • Stand alone system, no PC needed for operation
  • Calibrate, bump test, charge, and archive data
  • Software manages records by serial #, user ID, or station ID
  • Each station is equipped with configuration control and status indicators
  • User adjustable test times and tolerances
  • Automatic quick charge of instrument in 90 minutes or less
  • Alkaline recognition – will not attempt to charge alkaline batteries (SM-2003U)
  • Exhaust line connection for test gas venting
  • Records are stored as a tab delineated text file (.txt format can be imported into a spreadsheet)
  • Software is Windows Vista, and XP compatible
  • Operates on any Pentium II or higher PC
  • USB port for downloading data to a USB flash drive
  • USB flash drive included



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