Procon Systems

Safety Barriers

R. STAHL safety barriers Series 9001, 9002 and 9004 excel due to an especially simple mounting mechanism. They snap on to a 35 mm DIN rail (NS35/15 to EN 50 022) directly without a mounting attachment. At the same time a conducting connection between PA of the

barrier and the rail, is established. Grounding several barriers is achieved by connecting the rail with the potential equalisation / grounding system (collective ground). The safety barriers can alternatively be grounded individually as well by using the PA terminal on the intrinsically safe side of the safety barrier.

All safety barriers Series 9001, 9002 and 9004 have an exchangeable back-up fuse. Dual-channel safety barriers have a back-up fuse per channel. This fuse backs up the internal,

non-accessible fuse. A protective circuit prevents tripping of both fuses at the same time. It is thus ensured that the safety barrier is protected against destruction resulting from reverse polarity of the operating voltage or excessively high operation voltages.

Two advantages are essential for maintenance and repair:

1. In case of overload the safety barrier does not have to be exchanged, and

2. The exchangeable back-up fuse can be replaced without removing the barrier;

The safety barriers and their back-up fuses are designed in such a way that only one back-up fuse (I = 160 mA) can be used for all barriers Series 9001, 9002 and 9004. Stocking spare parts is thus reduced to an absolute minimum.



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