Procon Systems

2442 Industrial HVAC Portable Flow Meter

The Model 2442 has been specifically designed for HVAC Applications, such as air velocity traverses, air balancing and other tasks. It has a unique flexible "gooseneck" section between the sensor element and the sensor support, as well as an easily extendable telescopic wand which allows measurements at the ceiling height. The "gooseneck" section can be bent to 90° so that the user can orient the sensor element perpendicular to the air velocity direction when making traverses of air supply grates or open area. The Model 2442 uses the same "CD" sensor used for the Model 2441, except that it is mounted into a 3/8" diameter sensor window/support. The sensor is completely protected when the telescopic, four-segment wand is collapsed. The telescopic wand is 47" long when fully extended.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use menu for display and set-up with HELP screens
  • Two-line 16 character, back0lit LCD with twenty button keypad
  • User selected scrolling display
  • 24-hour clock/calendar (4 digit year display)
  • Two optically isolated loop-powered 4-20mA outputs. User selected for velocity, flow rate or temperature (optional)
  • 1500 Point Data Memory for recording traverses and other measurements
  • Multi-Point calibration correction factors for Flow and Temperature
  • User-entered METER-ID number
  • User-entered flow area
  • User selected Reference Conditions (STP)
  • User selected low Velocity cut-off
  • User selected RS-232C or RS-485 serial port for terminal operation (optional)
  • Fastest response to temperature and velocity changes available
  • Electronics operating temperature range of -25C to 65C , non-condensing
  • Low velocity sensitivity
  • .25% repeatability
  • Accuracy of +/-3% of reading plus 10 SFPM
  • Many other key features, please refer to the product brochure for full details



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