Procon Systems

2441 Lab Grade Portable Air Velocity Meter

The Model 2441 is especially convenient for Industrial Hygiene and HVAC measurements. It is a very sophisticated micro-processor version of the widely used and appreciated Series 440 Portable Air Velocity Meter. The 2441 uses the well-known "CD" dual-sting ceramic sensor mounted in a 1/4" diameter, 13" long sensor support with a sensor shield/extender. It includes an all-metal display module, battery charger, carrying case, many options and accessories.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy-to-use menu for display and set-up with HELP screens
  • Two-line 16 character, back0lit LCD with twenty button keypad
  • User selected scrolling display
  • 24-hour clock/calendar (4 digit year display)
  • Two optically isolated loop-powered 4-20mA outputs. User selected for velocity, flow rate or temperature (optional)
  • 1500 Point Data Memory for recording traverses and other measurements
  • Multi-Point calibration correction factors for Flow and Temperature
  • User-entered METER-ID number
  • User-entered flow area
  • User selected Reference Conditions (STP)
  • User selected low Velocity cut-off
  • User selected RS-232C or RS-485 serial port for terminal operation (optional)
  • Fastest response to temperature and velocity changes available
  • Electronics operating temperature range of -25C to 65C , non-condensing
  • Low velocity sensitivity
  • .25% repeatability
  • Accuracy of +/-3% of reading plus 10 SFPM
  • Many other key features, please refer to the product brochure for full details



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