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Mass Flow Control Valves

The Series 730 valves are unique electrically-actuated loop-powered flow control valves. Unlike conventional electrical control valves, the Series 730 combines the electric drive motor, rotor, the valve body, and limit switches into a well-designed, integrated package.

The flow coefficient is nearly linear over a wide range due to its nearly 300° rotation between shut-off and full-open. The typical turn-down ratio is 50:1. Because of its rotary operation abrupt pressure changes do not affect the Series 730 nearly as much as conventional pneumatic control valves. A remarkable aspect of the 730 is its incorporation of a pressure-assisted shut-off feature which greatly improves the turndown ratio. The standard valve incorporates a high-torque DC gear motor; designed to be operated by any of the Series 155 Mass Flow Computers. The standard close-to-open time is 20 seconds. The standard allowable working pressure is 150 PSI and the temperature rating -40°C to +125°C.

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