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155 Adam Series Mass Flow Computer/Transmitter

The Series 155 "Smart" Mass Flow Computers are state-of-the-art, microprocessor-based, versatile system transmitters that work in conjunction with a number of our element instrumentation.

The various models operate one or more Kurz Mass Flow Elements including Series 452, 502, 522-UHP, K-BAR 16, K-BAR 24, K-BAR 2000, the Series IK-4200 Isokinetic Sampling Probes and the Series 730 Mass Flow Control Valves .

The Series 155 may also be used with the new MFT Series of Mass Flow Transmitters (454FT, 504FT, 534FT, K-BAR 2000) as a convenient power supply, display and Mass Flow Computer for remote sensor electronics applications.

The Series 155 integrates the functions of flow and temperature measurement, flow totalization, alarms, data acquisition, input/output calibration and closed loop flow control. Models are available to operate up to 22 separate two-wire, loop-powered Kurz mass flow or temperature elements. The smaller Model 155's have two analog 4-20 mA outputs; the larger models support up to eight 4-20 mA outputs. All Models include a convenient 2 line, 16 character LCD display and 20 button keypad to display the measurements, input all calibration and set-up data, and perform input/output calibration of each input and each analog output.

Features & Benefits

Easy-to-use menu for display and set-up with Help screens
• Two-line 16 character LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
• 20 button keypad (built-in terminal)
• 24 hour clock/calendar, Y2k compliant
Up to 22 sensor inputs; mass flow rate, temperature and 4-20 mA reference inputs
• Ability to group one or more inputs as a METER and to define a METER as the sum/difference of other METERS, up to a maximum of 16 METERS
• Up to eight 0-5 VDC or 4-20 mA outputs
• Mass flow computer redundancy using two Model 155's for unsurpassed reliability
• Up to eight 5-amp alarm relays
• English or Metric units
• Multi-Point calibration factor for each METER
• User-entered METER I.D. number
• Automatic sensor out-of-tolerance indication, alarm and re-averaging for multi-point flow elements
Easy input/output calibration--no pots

PLUS many other features - please refer to the Product Brochure for full details



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