Procon Systems

K-Bar 2000B Insertion Mass Flowmeter (Multipoint)

K-BAR 2000B utilizes the Kurz MFTB Technology. This includes a fast, powerful microprocessor and patent pending circuit that measures both the gas velocity and the gas temperature using only two sensor elements on the “FD2” Fast Dual Metal Clad™ sensor. It calculates the mass velocity and temperature at each point, thereby allowing the Series 155 Mass Flow Computer to present the average velocity and average temperature. It is ideal for ducts/stacks having wide-ranging spatial and time varying velocity and temperature profiles. Temperature ratings of 260°C and 500°C.

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional accuracy and repeatablility (.025%) o to 12,000 SFPM
  • High temperature (260C to 500C)
  • Simultaneous temperature and mass velocity measurements at each sensor location
  • Exceptional accuracy over wide ranging temperatures and mass velocity using VTM
  • Insensitive to dirty and corrosive gases
  • All-welded construction
  • Pressure and temperature compensated
  • Optional Air Purge Sensor Cleaning Systm
  • Simple, low-cost installation
  • All-welded Alloy C-276 sensor material
  • Fast response to velocity and temperature changes
  • Attitude insensitive, lead length independent
  • New digital sensor control
  • Specified accuracy over a 500C temperature range
  • RFI, EMI and Lightning protection
  • EMI Aproval with CE Compliance
  • Non-Incendive Safety Rating



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