Procon Systems

454FTB Insertion Mass Flowmeter (Single Point)

The Series 454FTB represents the newest addition to the Kurz Family of state-of-the-art microprocessor based industrial quality, Single-Point Insertion Mass Flow Transmitters for industrial gas flow measurement. The 454FTB includes the most advanced microprocessor technology, real time sensor and electronics diagnostics, temperature compensation, highest repeatability, accuracy and reliability available. The process pressure rating is up to 300 PSIG, the process temperature rating is -40 to 260°C and -40 to 500°C, the velocity range is 0-24,000 SFPM.

Features & Benefits

  • FD2-HT Sensor rated at 260°C, HHT at 500°C
  • Electronic self-check functions
  • Flow control valve PID controller
  • Digital Thermal anomometer bridge (Patent pending)
  • Convenient remote electronic mounting configuration
  • One-piece PCB for improved reliability
  • Built-in sensor cleaning purge timer
  • External imput for other process signals
  • CE Compliance, non-incendive hazardous gas safety approvals and CRN for most applications



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