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Insertion Mass Flowmeters

Combining the backbone of Kurz technological innovations with the simplest process mounting methods, the Insertion Mass Flow Meters provide unmatched repeatability and NIST traceable accuracy to processes gas mass flow measurements from 2.5 inch up to the largest stacks and ducts.


The ease of installation and use, economic pricing, and the rich feature set included in these models has made them the workhorse of the Kurz Instruments product line. Thousands of these reliable meters are in use in applications for process gases, high pressure air lines, energy management measurements and also for combustion air measurements on small burner applications. The new MFTB series meets the CRMS mass compliance regulation and can now be used for measuring stack rates for compliance measurements.


The Multipoint products are an extension of the same technology, for larger pipe and duct sizes where higher process accuracy, repeatability, reliability and redundancy are critical for process control. The Multipoint elements are used in conjunction with a Kurz 155 Computer/Transmitter to accurately account for all of the variables involved in totalizing and averaging data from the sensors.

Self Cleaning Option

Many industrial applications carry a heavy dirt and dust load and/or particulates from the process that interfere with most instrument technology’s accuracy. Kurz Instruments has designed a unique forced air (or other gas) purge system to maintain proper sensor function at all times. Proper purging will reduce or eliminate costly downtime even in the dirtiest applications.

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