Procon Systems

534FTB Inline Mass Flow Meter

The Series 534FTB uses Kurz MFTB Technology with the advantages of built-in inlet/outlet piping reducers/expanders and exceptional immunity to upstream/downstream flow disturbances caused by elbows, valves and line size changes. This creative design eliminates the need for field fabrication and assembly of inlet and outlet mating pipe sizes. The Series 534FTB has 8 basic Models covering mass flow ranges to 2350 SCFM and in line sizes from ½” to 8”. This unique design uses special flow nozzles and flow diffusers to obtain flow disturbance immunity without the need for screens, honeycomb or vortex generators and provides extremely low end-to-end pressure drop. Because of this, the output has very low flow noise, exceptional accuracy, repeatability and turn-down ratio.



  • Industrial and process gas mass flow
  • Fuel flow for burners and fuel cells
  • NOx control using ammonia
  • Aeration air and Digester Gas for waste water treatment facilities
  • Compressed Air
  • Natural Gas
  • Combustion Air
  • Metering semi-conductor gases
  • Chlorine metering in the paper industry
  • Solvent and VOC recovery
  • Air Sampling
  • General purpose mass flow, R&D
  • Flow Calibration Standards
  • Nuclear power plant radiation monitors
  • Air Sampling in D.O.E. facilities
  • O.E.M applications

Features & Benefits

  • Exceptional immunity to upstream and downstream flow disturances
  • Built-in Line Size Reducers/Expanders to fit most applications
  • Velocity profile conditioning using flow nozzles and diffusers
  • Low Flow Noise
  • User selectable scrolling display
  • Easy-toUse menu for display an set-up with HELP screns
  • Configuration upload/downlad software using a PC
  • PID Flow Controller
  • Electronics operating temperature range of -25C to 65C, non-condensing; and -40C to 65C without the LCD/Keypad option
  • Two optically isolated loop-powered -20 mA outputs which met NAMUR NE 43 recommendations - one for mass flow rate, one for process temperature (optional)
  • Two optically isolated solid-state alarm relays (optional)
  • Pulsed output foruse as a remote flow totalizer (options)
  • Multi-Point calibration correction factors for Flow and Temperature
  • User-eneterd METER ID
  • USB Port for Terminal Operations
  • Patented Digital Sensor Temperature Control
  • Many other features, please refer to the product brochure for details



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