Procon Systems

504FTB Inline Mass Flow Meter

The Series 504FTB has many improvements and features that greatly enhance the performance of the original 504FT.  This Inline Mass Flow Meter is designed for applications where flow disturbances or line size changes is not an issue.

The 504FTB has 10 models covering Mass Flow ranges to 1000 SCFM for inline sizes from ½” to 4” pipes. Models have CE Compliance with meets all EC directives.  All models have Non-Incendive and Explosion-Proof/Flame-Proof Safety apparovals and are IP66 NEMA 4X/7 Rated.

Features & Benefits

  • Patented constant temperature sensor control circuit
  • Two-line 16 character, back-lit Liquid Crystal Display, with 20 button keypad (optional)
  • user selectable scrolling display
  • Easy-toUse menu for display and set-up with HELP screens
  • configuation upload/download software using a PC
  • Adjustable LCD/Keypad orientation allowing ease of reading the display for any Flow Body orientation
  • Electronics operating temperature range of -25C to 65C, non-condensing; and -40C to 65C without the LDC/Keypad option
  • Two optically isolated loop-powered 4-20 mA outputs which meeet NAMUR NE43 recommendations - one for mass flow rate or mass velocity, one for process temperature (optional)
  • Two optically isolated solid-state alarm relays (optional)
  • User entered Meter ID
  • user may change STP reference conditions
  • Built-in flow totalizers and elapsed timer
  • User Access Code
  • USB port for terminal operations
  • Process Temperature Rating of -40C to 125C
  • Process Pressure Rating up to 300 PSIG
  • Many other Key Features, please see brochure for details




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