Procon Systems

Klean Wall Heat Exchanger

The integral Hi-Pass™ mixer increases the turbulence of the sludge and eliminates the boundary wall velocity gradient. The turbulent sludge constantly scavenges the wall surface, eliminating fouling of the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is designed to pass large debris including stringy rope-like debris without plugging. These patented non-clogging mixing elements have proven their reliability in thousands of severe condition sludge dewatering/polymer mixing applications. An added benefit of the Klean-Wall™ heat exchanger is increased bacteriological activity and improved digesting due to the shearing and mixing of the sludge.

Features & Benefits

400% efficiency over standard tube/shell & spiral heat exchangers.  Will not clog. Can pass debris up to 50% the diameter of the pipe.
Eliminates wall buildup of sludge-Efficiency will not degrade over time (High turbulence at boundary walls eliminates fouling and wall build-up).
Should never require cleaning.
Improves the digester performance by breaking up and mixing the sludge.
Available in many piping configurations for easy retro fit.
If preventive cleaning is desired, the Hi-Pass design allows a clear pathway down the centerline of the tube side to facilitate hydro-rod cleanout.



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