Procon Systems

LevelRat Non-Fouling Submersible Level Transmitter

The LevelRat non-fouling submersible level transmitter is specifically designed for use in environments that would clog a traditional level transmitter. The unique diaphragm combines increased durability and Teflon-like non-stick properties to provide increased service time without maintenance. Additionally, the small profile minimizes accumulated solids, while simplifying installation.

Additionally, models equipped with 4...20mA analog output include guaranteed lightning protection at no additional cost. This feature protects the LevelRat from fast-rising transients and carries a lifetime guarantee against damage from electrical surge.

Features & Benefits



Pressure Ranges - Relative Infinite between 0...5 and 0...100ftWC
Accuracy, Static at 25°C 0.2% FS
Accuracy, Total Error Band 0.5% FS TEB
Storage- / Operating Temperature 0…50 °C
Protection IP68



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