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AccuLevel High Accuracy Analog/Digital Submerible Level Transmitter

The Acculevel high accuracy level transmitter incorporates microprocessor-controlled signal conditioning to provide outstanding accuracy over temperature. It provides dual outputs, one analog (current or voltage) and one digital RS485. The RS485 connection allows users to retrieve both level and temperature data, interface with a PC, and rescale the analog output from 10% to 110% of the basic range (converter cable and Keller software required).

On models equipped with 4...20mA analog output, the Acculevel submersible level transmitter also includes guaranteed lightning protection. This internal circuit is included at no additional cost and provides a lifetime warranty against damage from voltage surge.


Features & Benefits



Pressure Ranges - Relative Infinite between 0...3 and 0...900ftWC
Accuracy, Static at 25 °C

Standard: 0.1% FS

Optional: 0.05% FS

Accuracy, Total Error Band

Standard: 0.25% FS TEB

Optional: 0.1% FS TEB

Storage- / Operating Temperature -10…60 °C
Protection IP68



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