Procon Systems

XGS868i Steam Flow Transmitter

When measuring steam flow rate, pressure drop caused by orifice or vortex shedding meters robs energy from the steam, reducing the amount of power and heat delivered to the user. Using the GS868 or XGS868i with two ultrasonic transducers that do not protrude into the flow stream, transducer installation is obstructionless, causing no pressure drop and reducing steam generation costs. No regular maintenance is required with the new flowmeters, further reducing long-term cost of ownership. Their titanium transducers have an all-metal boundary and are not affected by erosion from droplets. They will not fail due to thermal expansion cycles.

A single XGS868 ultrasonic flowmeter can cover a wide range of flows, giving additional savings. Because of their limited turndown ratios, conventional meters are used in multiple runs to cover all steam flow rates during high and low demand periods. Using a single XGS868 flowmeter to cover the full range can result in lower capital and installation costs.

Features & Benefits


  • Steam mass flow
  • Saturated or superheated steam
  • 1500:1 turndown ratio
  • Temperature up to 842 °F (450 °C) with BWT transducers
  • Pipes from 2 to 48 in (5.1 cm to 1.2 m)
  • Pressures from 0 to 1,500 psig



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