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Microstat Status Indicator

The Federal Signal MicroStat® is a compact, Type 4X status indicator*. Ideal for OEM applications, the MicroStat comes pre–assembled as 1–, 2–, 3–, 4–, or 5–high light units. The user selects combinations from five colors (amber, blue, clear, green and red). O–rings between each segment provide a water–tight and dust–tight seal. Models MSL1, MSL2, and MSL3 are available in three voltages (24VAC/DC, 120VAC and 240VAC); models MSL4 and MSL5 are available in two voltages (24VAC/DC and 120VAC). The base of each light can be surface or pipe mounted (3/4–inch NPT).
The lenses lock together and snap apart with a simple twisting motion, allowing for easy lamp changes and quick lens resequencing. A rugged vibration–resistant, thick–filament wedge lamp fills each lens with light, providing excellent optical performance.
Wire connections are made through a 2–piece terminal block. The MicroStat is designed to work with PLC outputs including "Triacs".
An optional 100,000–hour L.E.D. light source is available in five colors. This lamp, made of surface mounted L.E.D.s, plugs directly into the same socket as the standard lamp.
An optional sound module can be installed in the top position of any MicroStat. The Sound Module Kit (MSS) consists of a slotted grille and board–mounted piezoelectric horn. The sounder plugs directly into the wedge socket.
A pipe mount base, pipes and flashers are also available. See MicroStat Optional Equipment.
* MSL with optional sounder rated Type 1

Features & Benefits

  • MSL1, MSL2 and MSL3 available in 24VAC/DC, 120VAC and 240VAC; MSL4 and MSL5 available in 24VAC/DC and 120VAC
  • Factory assembled
  • Small footprint — only 2.2" diameter (55.9 mm)
  • Vibration–resistant 5.6W wedge lamp
  • Surface mount and integrated 3/4" pipe mount
  • Type 4X enclosure *
  • Indoor use only
  • Optional Sound Module, LED Lamp, Pipe Mount Base and Flasher
  • PLC compatible
  • UL and cUL Listed



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