Procon Systems


Designed with durability and comfort in mind, the GasAlertExtreme reliably monitors for any single gas hazard within its wide range of available toxic gas models;
H2S, CO, O2, SO2, PH3, CI2, NH3, NO2, HCN, ETO, ClO2, O3, NO.
With easy on/off operations, large real time display of gas concentraion and datalogging functionality make the GasAlertExtreme an ideal solutions for many applications.


Features & Benefits

  • Integral concussion proof boot for the most rugged environments.
  • Direct, real time display of gas concentration on large LCD panel.
  • Full function self test of sensor, battery, curcuit integrity and audible/visual alarms on start up.
  • Two year warranty including sensor.
  • Compatible with MicroDockII automated test and calibration system.



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