Procon Systems

Grain Monitoring

The BinMaster Crop-Protector™ suite of products offers a complete solution for monitoring temperature, moisture, and spoilage prevention using advanced digital technology and automated controls to optimize the condition of grain stored in silos, flat storage warehouses, and piles. Crop-Protector™ technology was developed by iGrain of Denmark and has been proven to perform in Europe, Asia, and Africa since 2008. BinMaster brings this advanced technology and our grain industry expertise to the North and South American markets and will manufacture, sell, and service the Crop-Protector™ product line from its 75,000 square foot ISO 9001:2008 certified facility in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.

Features & Benefits

  • Superior, long-lasting, and precise digital technology
  • Special “low-pull” polymer cable
  • Reliable operation with no temperature drift
  • Simple installation via a variety of suspension options
  • Two-wire system reduces wiring costs and simplifies installation
  • Long service life that reduces maintenance and total cost of ownership



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