Procon Systems


Aeration devices help ensure that powders and solid materials don’t pack in hoppers, along bin walls, or in the cone of the bin. BinMaster’s Airbrator combats flow problems using both aeration and vibration along the hopper wall to prevent compaction and troublesome bridging and rat holing in bins, tanks, and silos. Preventing buildup and allowing material to flow freely from the bin keeps operations running smoothly and reduces the need for time consuming bin cleaning. By adding air back into powders, BinMaster Air Pads can help promote material flow by preventing compaction and encouraging material to behave fluidly for easier handling.

Features & Benefits

  • Special design provides dual-action flow aid through aeration and vibration
  • Requires fewer pads than diffuser type devices because of unique design
  • Uses high or low pressure
  • Not affected by moisture or temperature
  • Self-cleaning
  • Simple to install in any type vessel
  • Suitable for abrasive material
  • Check valve to keep material out of air line



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