Procon Systems


Pressure transmitters are used in both process and storage environments. The PT-400 is for external mounting on the tank and is designed for extreme environments. This heavy-duty pressure transducer can handle dirt and fine dust, water spray and wash downs, outdoor installation in inclement weather, hazardous locations and high vibration. The PT-400 is appropriate for the demanding conditions and hazardous classified areas of the oil and gas industry. The PT-500 submersible pressure sensor can be used in just about any liquid. Common, yet nasty, applications include wastewater lift stations and leachate tanks at landfills. The PT-L amplified output pressure sensors are designed for industrial applications in pressure ranges up to 40,000 psi, and are suitable for both liquids and gasses. They provide accurate measurement and a long life expectancy at a low cost.

Features & Benefits

  • Built-in lightning protection protects your investment
  • Multiple protective cage options 
  • Optional reusable cages save on long-term investment
  • Simple field zero adjustment using a magnet (supplied with the unit)
  • Low current draw make it ideal for battery-powered applications
  • Made of 316L SS compatible with many liquids and chemicals



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