Procon Systems

Float Switches

The FLE is a compact sensor made in lengths up to 24". This stem-mounted, magnetic float switch can have up to three floats - each with one switch. The floats are custom placed at distances on the shaft according to your application needs. Due to its compact design, it can be used in small tanks and constrained spaces. These point level switches are commonly used for controlling pumps and activating alarms when a liquid level must be maintained within a certain window of acceptance to prevent overfills or damage to the pump. They can also be used for simple level monitoring such as indicating when a tank is a certain percentage full.

Features & Benefits

  • Three switch points for increased control and cost savings
  • Compact vertical design requires minimal room to operate
  • Custom-made specific to each application
  • Rugged design for long switch life in harsh environments
  • Made in the USA



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