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AVM Venturi Meters

All Amity Venturi Meters are designed to provide the best performance with regards to the four critical sections of a Venturi class meter.

  • Inlet contraction
  • Throat length
  • Pressure tap locations and size
  • Diffuser included angle

Amity Venturi Meters are available in three models: AVM-R, AVM-S, and AVM-T. The three models provide options in tap location and inlet contraction section.  Each model is available in three installation designs: F, I and P.

  • F ASME Venturi diffuser section with flanges / welded installation
  • I Easily inserts between existing flanges.
  • P Minimizes overall length with lower overall pressure loss then F design

All models and installation designs can accurately be used on any fluid and for liquid, gas, and vapor flows.

Models & Benefits

AVM-R - Amity Venturi Meter Model R

The Amity Venturi Meter Model R is designed to have a lower-overall pressure loss while producing a higher differential at a given flow rate than a standard ASME Venturi. These meters are widely used in the Water and Waste industries where overall pressure loss is important.


AVM-S - Amity Venturi Meter Model S

The Amity Venturi Meter Model S is used for accurate metering in the laboratory and power industries. These meters can be considered equivalent to the throat tap nozzle and closely replicate the theoretical boundary theory developed specifically for accurate extrapolation outside the range of the laboratory calibration data.


AVM-T - Amity Venturi Meter Model T

The Amity Venturi Meter Model T has a reduced overall length compared to an ASME Venturi and meets or exceeds the ASME Venturi standard



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